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Mishi's Story

şakir yılmaztürk

The Mishi Concept combines the comfort and luxury of a motor yacht with the grace and elegance of a sailing yacht without compromising on either of them. Mishi Yachts provide a sense of oneness with the sea.


We will ensure that the Mishi name will always be held in high esteem, uncompromisingly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality boats and lifestyle. This requires using technology and innovative materials, as well as sustaining the Mishi Yachts culture with a team that gets excited about every boat they launch.

Mastering the Art of
Luxury Sailing

Born Out of a
Lifelong Love

Şakir Yılmaztürk, the founder of Yonca Shipyard

and Mishi Yachts, created the Mishi Concept

after learning from more than 50 years of

maritime experience and 36 years of

yacht-building experience:

şakir yılmaztürk

“My dream was to build a sailing yacht that would offer the comfort and spaciousness my wife needs and also satisfy my passion for sailing. During the idea phase and design process, we worked closely with our designers, Tanju Kalaycıoğlu and Özgür Terzioğlu, who are the best in their field in Turkey. We focused on a design that combines the proximity of the sailboat to the sea with large areas, high ceilings and luxury. And it turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined. The boat's name was immediately clear to me: it should be Mishi, my wife Ümran's nickname. The Mishi 88 is built to last for decades so that it can provide my family with safe, enjoyable, and comfortable sailing.

The comments we have received over time showed us that our boat filled a significant gap in yacht design and is seen as a unique concept. The Mishi 88 brought together two worlds that rarely meet: luxury and sailing pleasure. So, to keep the Mishi name alive forever, we made it a brand and introduced it to the yachting world."

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