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The Shipyard

yonca shipyard

Advanced composite production is a technique that requires both expertise and advanced technology. Every craftman on our shipyard’s team has enviable experience, which is the key to our perfecting of advanced composite artistry. Our production techniques increase the robustness of our crafts’ hulls using vacuum infusion.

Our Unique 

yonca shipyard

Where Heritage
Meets Innovation

Mishi Yachts takes great pride in its roots,

which can be traced back to Yonca Shipyard,

a prestigious shipyard that leads the Turkish

shipbuilding industry with its advanced

composite technologies.

The Yonca Shipyard’s venture began in 1986. With a total area of 44,000 m², including 22,000 m² under cover, yachts of up to 160 feet and 400 tons can be built there.


With 36 years of experience in the design and construction of military and commercial composite vessels, Yonca Shipyard is a symbol of excellence. Yonca Shipyard specializes in the production of high-speed vessels such as fast intervention craft, special operations craft and fast attack/patrol boats. These vessels are renowned not only for their impressive top speeds of 40 to 80 knots, but also for their durability and safety at sea. Yonca Shipyard has over 180 boats in active service worldwide, and they showcase the shipyard’s exceptional engineering and design capabilities.

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