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Mishi's Design

mishi 88 sailing
osman tanju kalaycıoğlu

“A seaworthy offshore sailing yacht provides a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience even in challenging wind and wave conditions. The most critical elements to consider in the hull design of such boats are stability and maneuverability. At Taka Yachts, we created a robust and seaworthy hull form based on our experience with the many boats we have launched.


We began by taking inspiration from ‘deck saloon’ boats during the design process, but we developed a different concept shaped by new ideas. We are an office that can handle yachts’ interior architecture and their structural elements holistically, and we exploited this advantage in every detail.


The proportionally long waterline helps to increase stability and create spacious interiors. Placing the saloon in the optimal location and including an open kitchen allowed us to approach the boat’s interior architecture and structural areas as a single integrated system. By separating the engine room from the spacious saloon, we created a unique interior experience for the Mishi Concept.”

Osman Tanju Kalaycıoğlu

Naval Architect / TAKA Yacht Design

özgür emre terzioğlu

“For boat owners’ comfort, we carefully designed the sail areas for ease of sailing. We prioritized safety in many aspects besides the sail area. By keeping gangway heights higher than the standards, we increased their safety. We paid careful attention to several small yet invaluable details such as this one. We also worked on multiple versions to provide a 360-degree view in the aft cockpit, which resulted in a surprising sense of spaciousness.

The Mishi concept is based on these approaches, and we brought a new perspective to the new 102-foot design, which we developed after our experience with the 88-foot boat.”

Özgür Emre Terzioğlu

Designer and Architect / TAKA Yacht Design

Mishi Yachts' sea-friendly hull design, modern

yet soft exterior lines and 360° viewing angle

from the helm came to life with the lines of

experienced yacht construction

engineers and designers.

The Mishi Signature

Largest Cockpit in its Range

The defining feature of our luxury sailing experience is our yachts’ expansive aft deck, the heart of the vessel. This area provides an incredibly spacious environment for unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. Like the flybridge of a superyacht, the aft deck of a Mishi Yacht highlights outdoor living. There is enough space for 12 people to dine on the aft deck of the Mishi 88 and for 14 people on the Mishi 102.


Another feature that suits the Mediterranean lifestyle is the boats’ bow, which has room for 6 people to relax, dine or sunbathe, and offers a space for enjoying the sunshine during the day and the stars at night. This area is even larger and more functional in Mishi 102.

mishi 88 sailing

Easy to Sail

Mishi Yachts' sail plan was designed for stability and ease of use while achieving outstanding performance even in light winds. All of the sail systems, the self-tacking jib, and the hydraulics and ropes are connected to the helm station, where helmsmen can operate the sails with a button press on the steering pedestals. Also, with a clear view of the boat's bow from the pedestals at the stern, even a small crew can easily sail.

mishi 88 sailing

Spacious and Stylish

Naval architects designed the hull to optimize interior space with high ceilings. On our first boat, the Mishi 88, we achieved a 2-meter ceiling height, luminous interiors, a superyacht-scale saloon and an extra-large cockpit.


Mishi Yachts have stylish interiors characterized by linear and contemporary design, and they are semi-customizable. Great attention is given to every detail, from the selection of the finest woods to the design, construction, finishing and assembly of their onboard furnishings. Owners can choose from a wide variety of wood, leather and fabric options in addition to interior layout alternatives.

mishi 88 sailing
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