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mishi 88

The design philosophy of Mishi Yachts focuses on the comfort and safety of guests while maintaining the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Mishi's Design

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aview from the rudder
mishi 88 sailing

Mishi 88

Among the features that distinguish the first Mishi Yacht, the Mishi 88, the aft deck where ten people can comfortably dine is highly appreciated, and so are the superyacht-scale interiors and the sense of being at one with the sea.

mishi 88 sailing

Mishi 102

The Mishi 102 is a luxury yacht that embodies a contemporary maritime spirit. This over 30 m yachts modern hull and state-of-the-art equipment are complemented by the latest technologies, making it a true engineering masterpiece. 

Our Yachts

Upgrade Your Sailing Experience

Built for optimum safety, easy to sail and precisely crafted in every detail, the Mishi 88 and the Mishi 102 are perfect for sailors who know exactly what they want and need.

mishi 88 sailing

Beyond the Ordinary

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Born out of passion.

Crafted for excellence.

Based on 36 years of composite boatbuilding experience and 50 years of sailing experience, Mishi Yachts honors a lifelong passion.

It is believed by many that a passion for sailing and a luxurious lifestyle cannot coexist. By perfectly integrating both of these inspirations, Mishi Yachts is a total game changer.


Mishi Yachts are for those who see beyond the surface. Every detail, a masterpiece. You can feel the velvet touch of Mishi.


Sophistication. Grace. Seaworthiness.

The rock-solid coordination between the Mishi shipyard and the yacht’s designers achieved the delicate balance between seamanship, safety, luxury sailing and performance.


Luxury yacht brand Mishi let you enjoy unobstructed views of the sea and a proximity to it that larger boats cannot offer, but the Mishi Concept interior still provides the luxury and comfort of a super yacht.
The remarkably spacious aft decks of our large sailing yachts turn into welcome sanctuaries during sizzling Mediterranean summers, offering a cool retreat on the sea’s azure waters. The below-deck sailing yacht will also impress you.

mishi 88 sailing

Peerless design

Elegant, precisely crafted details

The largest cockpit in its range

Advanced composite technology

Silence at anchor and while cruising

Easy to sail 

Guaranteedby Mishi Yachts

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